Not having an office to report to from Monday through Friday is still the exception for most of today’s workforce. However, the minority is growing when it comes to professionals that work remotely, and any one that does will tell you that doing so can completely change your world in positive ways.
Here are a few things that are great about working remotely, and some tips on how to keep the negative aspects from creeping in.

1. Your workspace is your happy place

You design and customize your home office to your comfort and liking. Here’s some inspiration for beautiful, functional home office designs. Maybe you’re creative, or maybe you focus more on practicality. Either way, you get to decide the vibe of the place where you might end up spending the bulk of your days.
If you get bored or need a change of scenery, you can pick a nearby cafe or co-working space. Check out this article on the world’s best coworking spaces. So you can stay local, or you can travel halfway around the world and work from another continent if you so desire. It’s your choice.
Keep your work space happy, bright, and conducive to free-flowing productivity. Being disorganized and messy can make your home office a personal hell. Sure, you can “mine the mess” when things get a little crazy from time to time, but for the most part, the best thing to do is to just clean it up.

2. You have awesome co-workers

If you’re working remote, there’s a good chance you’re self-employed or an entrepreneur. Therefore, there’s a good chance you’re working with people you’ve chosen, and you’re likely working with people you really love. Many siblings, parents and adult children, friends, husbands and wives choose each other as workmates. The latter of those groups especially will tell you that being in love with a co-worker when they actually put a ring on it makes office romance a good thing.
But there is such a thing as too much togetherness. Schedule time and activities alone in order to keep a sense of individuality and a allow enough space in your relationships to avoid the pitfalls of taking each other for granted.

3. Its not boring

It’s a challenge for those that get bored easily. You manage yourself, monitoring your own inputs and outputs. It drives you to develop your individuality in terms of skills and talents. It also allows you to learn about far away cities and countries through folks you collaborate with from a distance and can be a completely different kind of education.
get out and enjoy life
Avoid getting stuck in a rut of seclusion and don’t go spending three days without leaving your house while wearing holey t-shirts and pajamas. Doing this might make you feel like you’re living the life at first but after while, you might feel like you’ve ceased to exist in reality. Get dressed everyday, go outside and garden, or ride a bicycle. Go out into your neighborhood and make friends you can hug or shake hands with. Keep up on current events and stay in touch with the world.
Are you a remote worker loving what you do? Comment reasons you love working remote and include any good advice on how to do it!