So far on Yamteq, we’ve covered working as a digital nomad in some pretty exotic places.

But what about remote working in our own backyard? And sometimes, literally in the backyard?

Central Florida isn’t very exotic per se — but it’s a favorite travel destination for people all over the world for many reasons. The subtropical climate, somehow southern feel, and the strong mixture of different cultures all make it a great area to visit and escape from every-day routines.

But what about remote working in Central Florida?

The area is home to some really interesting companies like EA Games, Lockheed Martin, Disney World and many more. But we’re not here to discuss living here and being stuck in an office from 9-5.

We want to discuss working remotely here; truly enjoying the laid back feeling of Florida while still being productive. Mickey Mouse and rockets aside, here are five great ways to indulge in your remote job while in the Orlando, Florida area.

1-Time It Right

As I write this post, August is coming to a close. For people like me that love to be outdoors, we have three times of day during which we can work outside without melting:

  • Before 8.30 a.m. After this, it’s prime sunburn time. If you sit in the shade, you’ll still be bathed in sweat by 8.45. If the sun isn’t blazing upon you, it could rain cats and dogs on you at any given moment. This only applies during the summer. On many days during the fall, winter, and early spring, you might find it pleasant to work outside all times of the day.
  • After 7 p.m. As the sun retreats, it never fails to be a great time of day to catch displays of purple, red and pink skies behind the silver-lined clouds. If you find the right spot you might see enough of the dazzling sunset to give you the inspiration to keep going well into the night hours.
  • Nightfall. The air is usually cooler, but it can still be a bit heavy. You can enjoy sparkling streetlights, stars or both, and you won’t need a personal fan with an iceblock to stay dry.

No matter what way you choose to work remotely from this list, remember that when it comes working comfortably while you’re out and about in the Orlando area, timing is everything.

2-Lunch @ Panera

Mellow music, comfortable booths, and food that doesn’t weigh you down make Panera a great place to work remotely.


As the number one provider of free WiFi in the United States, they welcome remote workers – so you can post up there for a few hours without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Panera is a great option for lunch or breakfast specifically because most of their locations have nice covered patios to work on. If it’s still too hot outside for you, Panera’s inside dining areas are sunny and bright so you’ll still feel like you’re enjoying the daylight while inside.

3-Have A Night Cap @ Starbucks

If you love nightlife but would rather spend the darkness hours making money than partying, there are lots of Starbucks cafes open till 11 in Central Florida.

OK, we know that’s not that late, but you do have to get up in the morning, don’t you?

No, seriously, the only 24-hour Starbucks in the area right now in 2018 is inside of the Orlando International Airport. Still, hanging out until 11 with your laptop, a mocha latte, and possibly a loved one can often be enough to make you feel like you’ve broken the monotony of your everyday routine.

There are often late-hour drink specials like buy-one-get-one-free espressos, and Starbucks doesn’t mind how long you hang around. If you wanted to, you can literally hang out for hours and spend under $10. The service is also usually helpful and friendly, with that of the Town Center location in Kissimmee, FL (pictured above) being no exception.

4- Post Up @ A Park

The Orlando, Florida area is full of great public parks with facilities like barbeque grills, restrooms, and gazebos.

The scenery is beautiful and often features live oaks decorated with hanging moss, sometimes lake beaches with white sands, and always, lots of wildlife to being a smile to your face.

A few parks I have enjoyed can recommend are:

Warren Park (Airport Area)

Lake Eola (Downtown Orlando)

Kissimmee Lakefront Park (Kissimmee)

Blanchard Park (North East Orlando, Union Park)

Obviously, I love Orlando, but parks abound in the entire area. Take a drive around and you’re bound to find one that has the vibe that you’re looking for.

A few more resources to check out:

City Of Orlando Parks

Orange County Parks

Seminole County Parks

Osceola County Parks

Brevard County Parks

Hillsborough County Parks

Lake County Parks


Did I mention that these all happen to be kid-friendly activities? If you’re a work-at-home-mom or a work-at-home-dad, you can bring junior along for the ride.

5- @ The Public Library

Another totally free place to hang out that’s great for deep thinking and productivity is your local public library. Central Florida has a great selection of cozy-feeling public libraries with central air, comfortable furniture, and tables with large surface areas for you to spread out.

Public libraries also hold scheduled events, business classes, and workshops that will allow you to network with other professionals while continually learning.

All in all, Central Florida is a great place to enjoy and earn on the go. Tell us about the favorite places in your neck of the woods where you like to hang out and make your money!