Whether you’re self-employed, a freelancer, or a dedicated employee, staying ahead of your competition requires ever-growing skills and knowledge. One of the best ways to nurture this is through reading. But you’re busy-how can you possibly find the time? Honestly, reading is crucial enough that you need to make the time. Join the world’s professional elite and most successful entrepreneurs by reading every day-and here are some ways to make it fun and easy.

  1. Read On The Go – On the Bicycle or in the Sauna at the Gym, while having your morning coffee and catching some rays. Multitasking is a great way to get to get more reading done, therapeutic and informative.
  2. Read With A Friend – Just like your other New Year’s resolutions, making a commitment is more fun when you don’t have to to stick to it alone. One of my best girlfriends and I made a pact to read 26 books together this week. I don’t know what I look forward to more-actually reading the books or all of our fun and interesting conversations that are sure to ensue.
  3. Speedread – This will be times that you’re reading and you want to grab a reference, research, or ponder over some words of significance. But if you’re reading ideas that have been regurgitated by multiple authors, opinions, or information that’s less than crucial pick up the pace you can move on to what matters.


  1. Read Shorter Books – Let’s face it- you may get bored halfway through a book. Or it can be so large that it seems impossible to finish. Some of the books that have had the most impact on my way of thinking have been the thickness of a 1st graders’ novel. Seek out short books to read and you won’t be sad; there are also plenty of lists of easy reads online that will help you find them quickly.
  2. Create A Reading Ritual – Some prefer to do it in the morning, some prefer to do it in the evening. If you read a page or two right before sleeping it can put you in great state of mind and relax you in a natural and healthy way before you drift off to dreamland.
  3. Read Out Loud – A little more physically engaging, the melodic sound of your own voice keeps you feeling involved and serves as great public speaking practice.
  4. Read In A Second Language – Keep yourself from getting rusty in your second language by reading about a topic that thrills you. Your vocabulary level  in your non-native tongue will advance and you’ll definitely exercise your mind.