We don’t run contests all the time, but when we do, we like to have fun with them!

The main reason YamteQ exists is to promote remote work and encourage our readers to broaden their horizons in their careers and in life.

Some of the remote workers that do both of these things really well are none other than….Freelancers!

If you’re a freelancer that is finding success in your non-conventional work lifestyle, we want to hear about it. Here are the steps to share your story, enter our contest for a free YamteQ tshirt, and have us write a post featuring you:

  1. Subscribe to YamteQ to be notified whenever we post articles that can uplift you with information for your remote work career.
  2. Tell us about your freelancing journey in an email.
  3. Stay tuned for our winner to be announced after November 30, 2019.

The best parts of this contest?

Well, for one, it will be great to get to know you. Two, we will mail our winner’s free T-shirt anywhere in the world. So it doesn’t matter where you live, don’t be shy and just enter!

Now, you might be asking, What are some things that might make me an amazing remote worker?

Well, here are some things that can give you “amazing” brownie points. Keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list.

You Might Be An Amazing Freelancer or Remote Worker If…

  1. You speak more than one language and do it well, and this allows you to work across borders, albeit via the laptop in your living room.
  2. You know some awesome hacks that keep you connected. You don’t let connectivity issues stop you or get in the way of doing your job.
  3. You’re reliable. Being a freelancer doesn’t mean you’re a flake. You stick to your word and do what you promise.
  4. You have happy repeat clients. You’re steady in what you do.
  5. Your life is better as a freelancer. There could be so many reasons why.

If you’d like to join the contest and you have questions, hit us up on our contact page. We’re excited to hear from you, and good luck!