With a name inspired by the Yamama birds whose calls ring out all day outside my home office window, the idea for Yamteq.com sprouted after being thrust into a life of working remotely.¬† Working from home, or anywhere my heart desired, had only been a pipe dream until then. When the opportunity arose, I still didn’t quite believe it was possible.

After trying to find the right new 9-5 job without success for almost a year, it was clear that life was signaling toward something different.

Freelancing, outsourcing myself, and the ability to work remotely courtesy of today’s technology; they’ve changed my outlook forever. They’ve changed it for the better. This website was created to guide others in the direction of reaching the same freedom – working from and living wherever you please, and in the direction of spreading your wings and flying like we all have the potential to – just like the Yamama.