With a name inspired by the Yamama birds who hung around our home office while living abroad, the idea for YamteQ.com sprouted after being thrust into a life of working remotely.  After searching long and hard for the right 9-5 jobs without success, it was clear that life was signaling toward something different.

Working from home, or anywhere our hearts desired, had only been a pipe dream until then. When the opportunity arose, it still seemed too good to be true.

Freelancing, outsourcing, and the ability to work remotely courtesy of today’s technology; they’ve changed our outlook forever. They’ve changed it for the better. This website was created to guide you in the same direction – moving toward living and working from wherever you please and spreading your wings to fly to your fullest potential  – just like the Yamama.

When it comes to exploring remote work sites, the last thing you want is to get entangled in pages full of biased tech reviews, plugs for paid services that will “get you remote work”, or job postings for coders with rare levels of expertise.

If you need real, detailed insight from every-day remote workers, you’ve come to the right place.