Apple came up with a bunch of services and subscriptions. They are being aggressive, and nobody can blame them! It’s a big company, obviously, a huge brand and they have got to use it so well!

Let’s get back to last Apple’s announcement, CEO Tim Cook started with the first subscription, which is:

Apple News+

A monthly subscription of $9.99 so you can be delighted with access to more than 300 magazine subscriptions! It really sounds very fancy. Maybe the elite will enjoy this service as I can’t see the normal user paying for such a service like this one, much less having the time to read all that content.

Would I subscribe to this one? No. Good luck, Apple! I’m out!!

Apple Card

Apple is going for your money! It’s not actually your money, it’s the credit card companies’ profits. Unlike any other credit card up for offer at the moment, you get daily cash back on all purchases, and from 2% to 3% if you’re buying directly from the Apple store. That’s not bad.

Personally, I like this one! I already have a couple of credit cards and it won’t hurt my credit score if I get a new one. Also, I believe this competition will benefit the customer as competitors have to come up with better offers. So, it’s good for me but bad for the creditors.

Will I use it? YES APPLE, YES!!

Apple Arcade

This is a gaming service. The subscription will grant you access to 100 online games which you can download and play offline as well. You can use this service across multiple platforms like Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. The service will be available this fall in 150 countries.

Would I use this one? I really don’t care about games anymore. However, let’s see if my son likes or not. I will let you know 😉

Apple TV+

Apple wants to produce movies and stuff! Sounds weird, however, whatever it takes! Apple originals will be an ad-free subscription coming in the fall in 100 countries. Apple TV+ will not be a separate app, it will be an add-on paid subscription within the Apple TV App. By subscribing to this service, you will be able to get access to Apple’s originals and it will be the exclusive way to watch their content.

I am doubtful of their success in this field as they are going to compete with big companies like Netflix. However, the Apple mindset is like, why not? If you have an iPhone, which is very expensive as we know, you may already have added one or 2 of their other subscriptions. What would be the harm in trying Apple TV+, then?

Would I …..? Not really!

To wrap this up, in my opinion, it will be a big electronic battle between Apple and Google over our affections and our lives. Both of them now seem to be a part of everything in our world, personal and business. If I am using an iPhone, managing my business on an iPad, watching Apple TV+, navigating by Apple Maps,  playing on Apple Arcade, getting informed from Apple News, and more importantly, paying via Apple Card which will own my debt, what else will be left? My life will be so dependent on Apple, or  Google if I use Google devices.

Hopefully, we get the most benefits from these services and subscriptions. Let me know which ones would you like to subscribe to?