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Digital Nomad Co-Living in 2018

The way we live and work around the world is rapidly changing. With the rise of digital nomads, the lines between work and personal life continue to become blurred. The resulting trend of co-living spaces is increasing around the entire world. These spaces continue to promote digital nomad careers and being location independent with remote working. Many people are actually still unsure about exactly what a Digital Nomad is and what they do. Digital nomads are essentially remote workers that spend a lot of time traveling to different cities or even countries. There are two parts to the term...

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Adjusting My Workflow in San Salvador

San Salvador was an interesting remote working destination for me. It was a big transition in my digital nomad career. Many people often just pass through or skip El Salvador altogether while traveling through Central America. Many people shy away from El Salvador due to the media perception but a media project from a client meant I would be spending a month in the capital, San Salvador. My overall impression of San Salvador is that it’s an amazing city. Lot’s of things to see and do around the entire country because of the small size. My plans of exploring...

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Culture Shock in Mexico City

Every digital nomad remembers that first trip where you really feel like you’ve stepped outside of your comfort zone. That trip or me was Mexico City. Up until this point, most of my travels were limited to just around the US. I was always in a familiar environment when it comes to the culture. Mexico City would be the first time really being in a country with a completely different culture and way of life than I was used to. Upon arriving, I realized how completely unprepared for the digital nomad lifestyle I was. Mexico City would be my...

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Why Southeast Asia is Popular with Digital Nomads

Southeast Asia has always been a popular destination, whether for business or vacation. Now, Southeast Asia is becoming a major hub for digital nomads. You’ll find the nomad capital, Chiang Mai, in this region and also several other countries definitely worth visiting. There are plenty of benefits to Southeast Asia that keeps attracting nomadic workers from all over the world. Work Capabilities As a digital nomad, while you’re constantly on the go, you’ll constantly be seeking new places flexible for working. Southeast Asia is the perfect destination. Southeast Asia has a lot of hotspots that are being developed to...

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Location Independent? Why Not Work in Mexico City?

Mexico City is the largest and most populous city in Mexico. You won’t find any beaches here but this exciting city is a modern metropolis set in the midst of the Mexican culture. You can find everything here, famous landmarks, great food, entertainment, universities, and much more. It’s also one of the coolest places in Latin America for working remotely. Mexico City has a lot of benefits for people who can take advantage of location independence. Cost of Living in Mexico City Mexico City is much different than other parts of the country based on how advanced and developed...

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