Author: Keith Lang

Tools for Remote Workers

In the last few years, Remote working opportunities have exploded worldwide. Working outside the traditional office space isn’t a strange thing to do anymore. The practice has garnered greater acceptance in business as companies realise the benefit. With the rise of digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs, remote working is now mainstream. The internet has made remote working a reality for many people and even large traditional corporations are coming around to the idea. In a typical corporate office, an office manager buys hardware and furniture for workers. Remote workers don’t have a problem their office-bound colleagues don’t. How...

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Digital Nomad Podcasts

In case you haven’t heard, Podcasts are a big deal. The popularity of the audio format for bloggers and business owners has exploded in just a few years. Advertisers are showing a lot of interest in working with podcast brands. When advertisers show interest in a platform, it’s often good news for publishers. Just ask Facebook. For the listener, this is good news too. It should mean better quality podcasts, and a larger selection to choose from. Digital nomads, early adopters of all things technology related, are reaching new audiences with their podcast shows. Here are some of the...

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