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7 (Or So) Basic Things You’ll Want For Working Remotely

Fast – you need to know the basics to get out and work on the go. Here are easy things you’ll want and need to be able to roam and get your job done. A Stylish Laptop Bag. And Simple Shoes. A matter of practicality and style – when you go out to work and network in your local workspace or cafe, you should look decent, with function and protecting your laptop in mind. There are so many options to pick from — sporty, feminine, or whatever. I can’t resist borrowing my husband’s Adidas gym bag with built-in laptop case...

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3 Exceptions To Standard Resume Writing Rules

In our last Career post, we went over issues on your resume that might cause you to not get a call back. (You can watch the video on that topic on You Tube or LinkedIn if you don’t have time to go read that article) One of the issues was providing TMI – or Too Much Information. Specifically, going back more than 10 years on your resume is not recommended as a resume standard. Regarding this point, I received feedback from a another recruiting industry professional that disagreed wholeheartedly. 10 years of work history is a standard because in many cases,...

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5 Signs Of A Broken Resume

Don’t have time to read the article right now? Watch the video where I go over this subject. I often get calls or emails from job seekers that go something like this: I’ve been sending my resume out and filling out applications but no one is calling me back. Can you look at my resume and tell me what I need to fix? It’s just not working! Your resume is more than just your name, education, and work history. It’s a job seeker’s #1 marketing tool and yes, it’s supposed to be working for you! If you’ve used your resume to...

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5 Great Ways To Work Remote In Central Florida

So far on Yamteq, we’ve covered working as a digital nomad in some pretty exotic places. But what about remote working in our own backyard? And sometimes, literally in the backyard? Central Florida isn’t very exotic per se — but it’s a favorite travel destination for people all over the world for many reasons. The subtropical climate, somehow southern feel, and the strong mixture of different cultures all make it a great area to visit and escape from every-day routines. But what about remote working in Central Florida? The area is home to some really interesting companies like EA Games,...

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Nationalism & Work Visas: Expat Work Challenges

A lot of people dream of going to work in other countries for various reasons. They may want to experience a more exotic lifestyle, or simply a better one, earn more money or see the world. Often times, expats workers are not welcomed with open arms as they hope. America’s initiatives to employ stricter immigration policies on the H1-B visa, for example, have been all over the news as of late. Many people are concerned that our country will no longer be openly welcoming as many foreign skilled professionals to join our workforce. If you’re from America or another...

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