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Are You Competitive Enough For The Remote Work World?

Getting a remote job is not easy. That’s right, I figure there’s no point dancing around this fact because chances are, if you’re trying to get a remote job and haven’t figured this fact out already, it won’t be long before you do. Part of the reason is that many of the fields where remote work is possible, are saturated. Like the conventional work world, you’ll compete against a plethora of applicants every time you send your resume off. With remote workers, distance and borders become a lesser obstacle, expanding the talent pool and making it possible for your...

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Selling Gadgets On eBay – Is it still a good idea?

I’d like to begin this post by asking: “WHAT IN THE WORLD HAS HAPPENED TO eBAY?” I remember back in 2005, collecting a bunch of DVDs from my shelf, putting them on eBay, and selling them with zero hassle. 13 years later, my experience as a seller was totally different. You may recall me talking about cameras that can be useful for a small business in a previous post, where I was referring to upgrading from a Canon 77D to a newer Sony model, and as a result, needing to sell the Canon. It’s been a long time since my...

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A Work-At-Home Parent’s Remote Work Reality

Digital Nomads. Coffee Shop Hipsters. The Popular Crowd at the local Co-Working Space. This is the glamorous side of remote work. But what about people to who working remotely means barely leaving home? Those whose travel adventures don’t extend past the neighborhood supermarket, and occasionally the park if they’re lucky? I’m not saying this is always me, but since I’ve been working from home I have gone through periods where I haven’t left the house but once a week. In fact, I spent a whole year in go-out-once-a-week mode. By the end of it, I had never been so badly...

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Cameras That Will Help You Grow Your Business

If you’re a freelancer, you need a great camera. Enough said, end of post. I’m just kidding, as always. You may not think you need a nice camera unless your work specifically calls for you to take pics and video, but you probably actually do. I realized this shortly after I started blogging and tried to create nice posts with one of the grainiest cameras phones on the planet. Paired with my newly developing writing style, unattractive pictures were in no way going to help me create a beautiful website. Frugal as I am, there was no being in denial...

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Working Remotely With The New MacBookPro 15″

This question reigns when it comes to deciding what kind of laptop to buy so you can work on the go: Go cheap or go expensive? After working on the various laptops in our office (All different since they’ve been accumulated over the past few years for different reasons or users)… Samsung Chromebook XE500C13 (Less than $200) Hewlitt Packard Notebook 15-bs038ne (Around $600) Acer N15Q1 (Less than $500) …(I’ll stop there because I’m sure you don’t want to know about the used Dell we bought 2 years ago or the 6-year-old Lenovo we’ve held on to until it’s last dying...

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