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Author: Rachel Marcelle

Finding Security In Today’s Gig Economy

Being a recruiter, I meet and befriend a lot of people that are looking for work. The middle and end of the year, or 3rd and 4th quarters, are painful times to be looking for work. Many companies have adjusted budgets and hiring plans by this time of year to make up for lagging performance or other factors that put them at risk for falling short of fiscal ambitions by year end. During a conversation I had with someone last week, perspective on today’s economy from another recruiter was shared with me. That perspective was: If you are are entry...

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9 Non-Tech Remote Jobs You Can Easily Get In 2018

I know why you’re reading this. You’ve been hunting for a remote job, and have started to notice a pattern. Many of the positions that are available remotely are for people with highly specialized tech skills like front end developers, UX or UI developers, Ruby On Rails, JavaScript, and various other programming capabilities. Have you started to wonder if you’ll have to become a techie to get a decent remote job? Maybe you have, but deep down inside you know you aren’t the type to spend hours in isolation staring at lines of characters in green, blue and red...

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Best Freelance Websites For Beginners In 2018: Getting Started

Getting started as a freelancer is an adventure. If you wake up one day and decide, “I’m going to become a freelancer,” then actually attempt to follow through with it, you’ll realize fast that your spontaneous coming up with and acceptance of the idea was the easiest part. You’ll first find you can’t actually say you’re freelancing until you land a client or two. Without a client or two, you’re not freelancing – you’re unemployed. Therefore, your main and most important objective as a new freelancer is to get a client or a gig. This is probably the hardest...

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Use Your Second Language To Land An Entry Level Remote Job

If you’re ready to make your entrance into the remote work world, this article is for you. I’ll start by telling you the story of how I landed my first 100% remote job. I’d already spent countless hours – months to be specific – on freelancer websites and remote work websites bidding and applying for jobs. It was frustrating. Beyond frustrating. During this time, I shed a tear or two out of frustration, so if you’re going through this now, I feel your pain. Competition was fierce. For many of the jobs I was interested in, there was pressure...

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Job-Hopping: A “Millennial” Problem. Or Are Employers To Blame?

Will the millennials with a good work ethic please raise their hands? Take a look around. There are plenty of us. Millennials get so much hate these days, especially on LinkedIn. Trending articles with sometimes seemingly contradictory headlines that provoke feelings ranging from envy to frustration, and general dislike interrupt our news feeds: Many Millennials Have Over $100K In Savings  Most Millennials Have Less Than $1,000 In Their Bank Accounts Millennials Choose To Live At Home With Their Parents Longer Many Millennials Won’t Buy Cars & Live On Uber Millennials Refuse To Buy Houses First of all, I’d like...

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