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Quantum Theory & Improving Recruitment: Beyond Sci-Fi

It’s 2019, and trying to hire the right person is still guesswork at best. For some hiring managers and recruiters, it may be educated guessing, but knowing you’ve found “The One” is still driven by an imperfect science. You must pay keen attention to signals sent out by the subconscious and your gut, then tie in additional data like work and performance history, credit scores, and social proof, including references – which by the way- are only meaningful if from a reliable source. (Not your candidate’s pal pretending to be his last boss) If you do all of the...

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Issues To Beware of In Remote Family Business

Remote family business. Combining two of those words alone -family and business- is enough to stir up more complexity than most of us can handle. Yet somehow, many of us cannot resist. After all, who shares more common goals with us than the members of our household? With collaborative efforts, we should be able to reach the stars. Or, might we end up reaching for something a lot closer…like each other’s throats? While being remote is great, it puts an extra twist on things. But I’ll argue that it’s the least complicated part. Here are some points to ponder...

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Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone, I’m really excited to announce that YamteQ has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! First, I must thank the individual that nominated YamteQ, Aditya Gandhi from Seeking My Utopia who produces highly intelligent content and is, indeed, a class act. Receiving a nomination from you on our tiny contribution to the internet means more to me than you can imagine. Next, I’m nominating as many other versatile bloggers as I can while trying not to renominate anyone that’s received the award too recently. Now, don’t be surprised at the range of topics included in these nominations....

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Signs Of Over-Automation On Your Social Media Account

Are you connected with someone social media that makes you wonder, “Is there a real person in there?” You know that person, the one that posts all day but you’ve never otherwise heard from? The one that makes you wonder “Do they even care?” Is this person you? (Or your company?) If so, it’s not too late to make a change. If you’re guility of doing a more than a couple of thiese things below, you may want to change how you’re engaging on social media. 1 – More than 50% of your posts are scheduled more than 1 day in advance.  We know you need to schedule...

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Don’t Do These 4 Things While Interviewing For Your Next Job

In a job market where the demand for talent seems to be greater than what’s actually available, you’d think that for a great candidate to ace an interview, anything can go. But that just isn’t so. Good employers are actually being pickier than ever. If you want to avoid sacrificing your career happiness for the long-term or looking like a total tool, these are 4 things you really should NOT do as you have conversations with prospective employers. 1 – Tolerate unprofessional behavior. First, how can you be sure your possible future employer is acting unprofessionally? Your gut and...

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