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Signs Of Over-Automation On Your Social Media Account

Are you connected with someone social media that makes you wonder, “Is there a real person in there?” You know that person, the one that posts all day but you’ve never otherwise heard from? The one that makes you wonder “Do they even care?” Is this person you? (Or your company?) If so, it’s not too late to make a change. If you’re guility of doing a more than a couple of thiese things below, you may want to change how you’re engaging on social media. 1 – More than 50% of your posts are scheduled more than 1 day in advance.  We know you need to schedule...

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Don’t Do These 4 Things While Interviewing For Your Next Job

In a job market where the demand for talent seems to be greater than what’s actually available, you’d think that for a great candidate to ace an interview, anything can go. But that just isn’t so. Good employers are actually being pickier than ever. If you want to avoid sacrificing your career happiness for the long-term or looking like a total tool, these are 4 things you really should NOT do as you have conversations with prospective employers. 1 – Tolerate unprofessional behavior. First, how can you be sure your possible future employer is acting unprofessionally? Your gut and...

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Review of the New Remote Team App – Remo!

Last week, I had to the chance to meet Ho Yin Cheung, Founder and Creator of the brand new remote work app launched in mid-2018, Remo. Ho Yin is based in Hong Kong from where he’s successfully launched three different companies including Riotly Social and this, his newest project dedicated to strengthening the connections of remote co-workers all over the world.  Remo is a virtual office app that allows you to feel a lot closer to remotely distributed members of your team. From the moment I saw the virtual office screen, I felt comfortable. The space has a very cozy...

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The Talent Shortage – Real Or An Illusion?

If you’ve asked any hiring or HR manager over the last couple of years why any given job posting is open for an extended amount of time, you’ve surely received this answer by now: “There’s a Talent Shortage…” With an unprecedented unemployment low, this buzz phrase is believable and in some cases accurate. But with an increasing frequency, I’m seeing indicators that in many lines of work, the Talent Shortage may not actually be a real thing. Where is it real? There are few areas of industry that truly do not have enough professionally trained graduates: Engineering – The...

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Post-Holiday Sales For Your Home Office

Whether you celebrate the Holidays or not, you’ll miss out if you don’t save a little bit of energy (and money) for post-holiday shopping. There are so many things that are best purchased right after the holidays such as furniture, electronics, accessories – actually, almost everything goes on sale right after Christmas. We made sure to check out the deals and keep track of the best finds that could help you build up your at home business. If you’re going to snatch up any of these deals, try to do so before or the holidays officially end the first...

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