There are many variables that affect travel experiences when flying. You have to consider various airlines, seat classes, time of travel, etc. No matter what the scenario, picking the right airline can be a major deciding factor in a great experience or one less favorable. There are many choices for picking the best airlines for travel whether flying domestically, internationally, or want to take advantage of the many budget airlines available.

Domestic Travel

The best airline for domestic travel is United Airlines. I have used United Airlines frequently when traveling around the United States and have always had great experiences with them. There are several factors that make them my choice of top airlines including routes, comfort, customer service.

United Airlines can be found at almost every airport around the country. The amount of airplanes that they have in service means that you can always find a United Airlines flight to most destinations you may be trying to travel to. This is extremely great for people taking advantage of reward programs through the airline.

The comfort of United Airlines is also top rated. This extends from waiting before the flight and even while in the air.

United Airlines members can always take advantage of the airport lounges found in all the top airports. On board, you will find that United Airlines has plenty of seat space in every class.

United Airlines has one of the most unmatched customer services when it comes to airlines. Their staff is very experienced and customer oriented. I’ve experienced various situations when using United Airlines that have all been resolved quickly and easily. They have assisted with last minute flight changes, re-booking for a missed flight at no charge, and even providing flight vouchers for opting for a later flight. All of these were handled in a professional and friendly manner.

Budget Travel

Budget traveling has become a major trend, especially for many new emerging airlines. Perhaps the pioneer of budget airlines, and the best of them, is Spirit Airlines. What makes an airline considered a “budget” airline is of course the low cost for air fare. The reason for such attractive prices is that many other features that usually come standard on flights require you to pay extra. This can be a hassle for some people who expect otherwise but it’s normal for such airlines.

One of the biggest reasons for naming Spirit Airlines as the best budget airline is also because of their routes. When traveling internationally from the United States to destinations in the western hemisphere, Spirit has a lot of flight options to the top destinations.

To truly appreciate Spirit Airlines, you have to look at the airline as simply a method of getting from point A to B. Budget airlines are great for digital nomads who travel frequently. Before booking, it’s important to note that Spirit Airlines charges for anything more than a backpack, in-flight snacks, and other small perks throughout the trip. As a digital nomad, I’m usually traveling light so I’m able to minimize additional costs when using the airline.

International Travel

Long leg trips require much more service due to being in-flight for upwards of 10-12 hours. My best travel experience in this situation came on Hainan airlines. Hainan is a Chinese airline which I used when traveling from the United States to China. The flight itself was approximately 10 hours but the experience made the entire trip enjoyable.

The on-board staff recognized that it would be a long flight. To accommodate everyone, they rearranged passengers so that it was an empty seat in between almost everyone so they will have room to stretch out. It was also a very large plane with two aisles which passengers were allowed to walk in order to stretch if needed.

Flying to-and-from such destinations means that you can potentially loose a full day when you take into account time spent while flying and time zone changes. Hainan Airlines accounted for the time changes when providing in-flight meals. We were served a total of 3 meals in addition to complimentary snacks throughout the flight. Even though it’s a Chinese airline, menus were provided in multiple languages and many of the staff personnel could communicate in English.

Flying is one of the best experiences that you can have while traveling. With so many options for flying, it’s best to decide on an airline that best suits the experience you want to have. As a digital nomad, I enjoy flying as a way to mentally prepare before arriving in a new destination. I’m usually comfortable in most situations because I see it as a means of reaching the next destination. As a frequent traveler, I’ve utilized everything from buses, trains, cars, boats, etc. With so many experiences, I’m usually satisfied with most flight conditions since I’m familiar with other alternatives. Whether a short flight lasting less than two hours to an overseas flight of more than eight hours, there’s an airline suitable to give anyone their best travel experience ever.