If you’re a freelancer, you need a great camera.

Enough said, end of post.

I’m just kidding, as always. You may not think you need a nice camera unless your work specifically calls for you to take pics and video, but you probably actually do.

I realized this shortly after I started blogging and tried to create nice posts with one of the grainiest cameras phones on the planet. Paired with my newly developing writing style, unattractive pictures were in no way going to help me create a beautiful website. Frugal as I am, there was no being in denial about it. A decent camera had to be on the top of my supply list.

Paid stock or free photos can only get you so far. While I appreciate with sincere affection every budding photographer that makes contributions to free photo sites like Pixabay and Unsplash, someone else’s photos will not suffice to illustrate your thoughts or experiences 100% of the time.

Search engines also decrease your blog or website’s ranking without the presence of original images. This is just one of the reasons, and I’ll give you a few more, that you need a high-quality camera to take your own, beautiful pictures while growing your brand and business.

Other reasons you need a nice camera are:

  • Budget and convenience factors. Profile pictures or headshots that need to be sharp and up-to-date are costly when taken by a professional. A single pose headshot session can easily set you back $175 or more. While this doesn’t immediately equate to the cost of a decent camera, it’s other practical uses will quickly add to savings. With your own camera, you can update said pics as often as you like or retake them if you’re dissatisfied without seeking out the aid of a professional photographer. Finding and hiring a good photographer is not as simple as it sounds. And I’m not trying to take work away from professional photographers, it’s just that most of us can’t afford to keep one on-call for every little project, as much as we’d like to. So I promise you, you’ll save a lot more than the base price of headshots that I just mentioned.
  • To beautify your social media pages. You’ll be able to come up with all kinds of creative posts that will allow your true personality – or your brand’s true personality – to shine through with your own original pics.
  • To create an impression of quality. Many potential customers will consciously or subconsciously take note of your attention to detail and how seriously you take your career based on the appearance of your social media profiles, website, video content, etc. Being that we’re referring to visual platforms and that we are visual creatures, the pictures that are part of your overall presentation will have a huge impact.

Deciding to invest in a decent camera so your work can shine is simple. Deciding what camera to buy can also be simple. Here are 4 options we’ve considered and used along the way with various levels of performance and price ranges.

Picking A Camera

There are so many amazing resources online to help you decide which camera is for you. A couple of the best photography channels on YouTube that we subscribe to for advice are Chelsea and Tony and Jared Polin.

You may recall that I mentioned starting with a terribly low-quality camera phone, so when it came time to make a decision, it was logical to start with a cell phone upgrade. That killed two birds with one stone– a more powerful phone helped with the overall efficiency of various on-the-go tasks because it had a more powerful processor, allowing us to run more remote work apps. And of course, it addressed the initial complaint by allowing us to take nicer pictures.

These phones are the second to latest models – but the cameras are still great and you can get them at a good price now. Remember – we write for people who are budget concious. 🙂

Orlando, FL, from the top of the Amway Arena

Samsung S8 Decent enough to take web-page-worthy pictures and even pictures nice enough to gain approval as paid submissions to Shutterstock (the cat picture was all Samsung!), this was a nice start and allowed us to upgrade the appearance of our posts, while being a lot more authentic. We found that it was not powerful enough take decent portraits or headshots, and as this was a must for us, we had to upgrade. By the way, you can also join Shutterstock as a contributor –it’s a nice way to earn passive income while you experiment with your new cam.

iphone camera
London Bridge 2018

iPhone8 Plus So you can take amazing shots with an iPhone as well, and for years people everywhere have bought iPhones just for the camera. To the left is a picture my son took during a summer vacation while crossing London Bridge. In the end, if you want to take portraits or photos with a bit more depth, you will end up needing an actual camera.

Canon 77D This is an entry-level model that takes you beyond point and click capabilities. With it, you can take lovely photos  like this:

Ain Sokna, Egypt

It has a flip screen that can be rotated in various directions, takes video and can be used with a variety of lenses.  It’s so good that we tried to sell ours on eBay recently and were almost immediately ripped off for it by a scammer.

Orlando, FL

While it takes great pics, it is truly a beginner quality camera and if you get heavy into photography, you’ll realize you need to upgrade because it’s not a full frame camera, it uses a mirror inside instead to reflect images rather than utilizing digital technology. That, in turn, makes the camera slightly heavier and larger, harder get a sharp quality of photo from, etc.

Kissimmee, FL

Sony A7III Relatively new and still in high demand, this camera is currently being reviewed as best in its class. It’s hard to get, with most retailers having to backorder it for you without being able to give you a definite delivery date.

What makes it great? It’s a full frame, mirrorless camera with 24 megapixels, and high-performance ability in low-light. It’s lighter than the Canon 77D, making it easier for you to be more nimble as you take pictures. For the same quality, most other brands will charge around $3,000. By contrast, this camera has a price point of near $2,000. However, the price of the lenses, which in some cases, near or exceed $2,000, helping Sony balance out the “deal” on the camera price.

Do you have another camera that you can recommend to small businesses? Let us know in the comments! Wed’ love to learn from your experience!