Determining whether working remotely is suitable for you can be a difficult decision. There are a lot of factors involved with working remotely that many people overlook before making the plunge into this career path. One of the most important characteristics about working remotely is having the right skills for the jobs you’re applying for, whether for a company or on a freelance basis. As the trend of remote working grows, you have a lot more options of the specific skills you need to be successful.

When remote working first began to gain widespread popularity, it was only limited to a few niche industries such as tech and virtual assistants. As technology continues to increase, we are beginning to have a lot more flexibility with communication, organization, and project management, even from a remote basis. This is great news for anyone interested in working remotely. Some of the most common remote jobs are administration, customer service, development, and digital marketing.

Administration jobs include a variety of tasks for maintaining organization within a company. Many of these jobs began strictly in the office with lots of paperwork but have evolved to online storage of documents so it can be done remotely. Some of the tasks required for working remotely in administration include typing documents, managing emails, scheduling and planning, as well as follow up phone calls, to name a few.

Customer service jobs are also growing in popularity for remote workers. Many companies are beginning to outsource a lot of their customer service work to remote workers in order to utilize their office space for other tasks or eliminate it altogether. Some of the tasks to expect while working remotely in customer service is maintaining client or customer relations, responding to questions from customers, and fielding phone calls about various issues.

Development has always been among the most common remote working jobs. Technology development such as software or apps require a specific skillset to complete the jobs. This type of job is often times completed solely with a computer, which makes it perfect for remote workers. Some of the remote jobs that fall within the development category are web design, coding, user experience design, software/app building and updates, and much more.

Digital Marketing has rapidly become a major industry with the growing impact of social media platforms on a company’s revenue. Building various marketing strategies across a variety of platforms can all be managed remotely. There are several job categories that can be included within remote digital marketing jobs. You can find jobs such as social media management, content creation, graphic design, branding, and more.

Every remote job has their own skills required to perform successfully. Many of the skills that you would use in a traditional office setting can be transferred to working remotely.

Administration and customer service, for example, both have their origins of being strictly for the office place. In these roles you could be working with sensitive information for a company. There are several platforms for maintaining organization that keeps company information private as well as can be shared throughout the organization. Being familiar with sites such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and Freedcamp can be very helpful for these roles. They allow real-time updates to documents and files, project management, and scheduling capabilities so everyone involved on a certain tasks knows exactly where the project is at currently.

Development has definitely evolved with its popularity. Many people began to learn many of the skills in order to begin careers as remote developers but these have even begun to change. App and software development, for example, once required knowledge of computer languages which could take months, even years, in order to truly understand. Now, there are programs such as Appypie, Appery, and TheAppBuilder that make these tasks as simple as drag and drop. Of course more detailed apps still require more advanced skills but learning these programs can jumpstart your career in the field.

Web design has also evolved into being a much simpler task for building simple websites. You no longer need to know computer coding for these tasks either. There are online platforms including Weebly, WordPress, and Shopify, that ease the task of setting up websites and web stores. They even provide templates that just require replacing images and inputting content.

Getting started with working remotely as a digital marketer requires understanding major platforms used for marketing and growing businesses online. Social media is a major piece to digital marketing which is always in need. You can choose to master one social media platform or utilize content management platforms such as Hootsuite for managing a company’s social media across multiple platforms all in one location. A lot of techniques for digital marketing are typically learned from experience as far as what works and what doesn’t. It also varies depending on the company or industry. Most people already use social media for personal reasons so that’s already a head start into using the same platforms for building businesses.

With any job, you are required to continuously improve your skills and learn new skills as you progress within an organization or to grow your freelance business. There are no major barriers to being able to work remotely. You can find several resources on Yamteq that help get you started with working remotely as well as understanding various things to expect from remote jobs. Everyone has the potential to have success with working remotely.