In case you haven’t heard, Podcasts are a big deal. The popularity of the audio format for bloggers and business owners has exploded in just a few years.

Advertisers are showing a lot of interest in working with podcast brands. When advertisers show interest in a platform, it’s often good news for publishers. Just ask Facebook.

For the listener, this is good news too. It should mean better quality podcasts, and a larger selection to choose from.

Digital nomads, early adopters of all things technology related, are reaching new audiences with their podcast shows. Here are some of the best podcasts by digital nomads for the location independent listener.

Tropical MBA

An article like this would not be complete without a mention of one of the original podcasts for location independent entrepreneurs.

The TMBA podcast started out a little rough around the edges but is now a polished show. Co-hosts Dan and Ian (but it’s mostly Dan these days) have interviewed many influential figures like Seth Godin, David Heinemeier Hansson, and Ricardo Semler.

The show’s focus is on discussing income-generating businesses for the location independent entrepreneur. Listeners are typically digital nomads running businesses while travelling the world.

The TMBA guys know what they’re talking about, having built and sold several online businesses. They also host nomad communities and conferences. Every episode is full of thoughtful insights on business and lifestyle.


Chris The Freelancer

Australian programmer, blogger, and vlogger branched out into a pure audio format in 2016. The last episode ran at the end of 2017 but Chris tells me that he wants to get back into recording shows this year. According to Chris, growing his podcast has been harder than growing his YouTube channel or his blog. This might be a lesson for any budding podcasters – producing regular audio shows takes time and effort. Scheduling guests, editing recordings, uploading and marketing a show can eat into valuable time that could be spent generating income.

This is a good podcast to get started with If you’re a new freelancer or looking for some online business ideas. Chris interviews people that create passive income on Fiverr, run drop shipping stores while living overseas, manage startups on the beach in Thailand, and build a lifestyle as software developers while travelling.

Chris is a developer himself but he has an interest in all kinds of digital nomad business ideas and jobs. Looking for inspiration to help you get started in freelancing or living the location independent lifestyle, start with this show.


Become Nomad

Already at 58 episodes, the Become Nomad Podcast is one of my favourites. It’s a little different from the other shows on the list as the recordings are monologues, not interviews with other nomads.

Eli, the show’s creator gets into some deep topics such as defining your goals and focus as a digital nomad. I recommend this podcast in particular as Eli talks about two important points:

  1. Defining who you are
  2. Defining what you do.

Eli believes if you take the time to think about these things they will positively impact your happiness.

Episodes focus on topics that many digital nomad blogs have covered but don’t let that stop you listening. These topics are popular because they answer questions all nomads have. And the Become Nomad take on the nomadic lifestyle is refreshing.

Eli also has warnings for digital nomad wannabes. He’s seen his share of failures and he understands how difficult the life can be. He also claims to know only a handful of people that are actually living the lifestyle. Moving from place to place while working is very hard. And he tries not to glamorize the lifestyle.


Nomadtopia Radio

The Nomadtopia podcast by Amy Scott is an interview-based podcast broadly covering living overseas, location independent work, long-term travel and blogging. Episodes clock in at over 30 minutes and there are over 130 to choose from so you’re bound to find something of interest.

Amy has been “location independent” since 2004 and her website is a great resource for travellers and a launchpad for her Facebook and private communities for digital nomads.

If you want to hear how other people made location independence part of their life, this is a good place to start. Listen and get inspired to achieve your own goals.


Nomad Capitalist

One of the best resources for learning about finances, investing, and living a nomad life is Nomad Capitalist. I’ve left it till last as it’s not a podcast for beginner digital nomads. Freelancers scraping by in Chiang Mai might find the content interesting but the actionable content won’t apply to them.

Andrew Henderson, the show creator, introduces episodes as “the podcast where we help six and seven-figure entrepreneurs keep legally more of their own money, build a freedom lifestyle, and grow their wealth”.

I don’t have the facts but I’ll bet that most digital nomads are not earning six and seven figures. Even if you’re making less than 100K a year, don’t ignore this podcast. It’s always good to set your sights high and imagine your future lifestyle. Andrew’s show is all about mindset and making sure you take care of your money. For tax, investments, living overseas, visas, and offshore banking, this is the podcast with all the good stuff.

For Podcast Creators

With ad blockers and smaller screens on mobile phones, traditional ads are not as effective as they used to be. Our brain’s filters are constantly up and we are trained to ignore ads. Advertising on Podcasts, however, is effective. Listeners tend not to ignore advertisements in audio format on a podcast they trust.

This is great news for digital nomads looking to not only avail of a broadcast channel, but to make money from their influencer status.


New podcasts launched by the nomad community in the last year or two seem to be struggling to gain traction. Have we reached peak digital nomad podcast? 


For the Listeners – Make The Most Of Digital Nomad Podcasts

Podcasts, unlike blog posts, books, and television, don’t demand your full attention. But to get the maximum enjoyment and benefit from a podcast, your full attention is a must. Here’s how to get the most from podcasts.

  1. Only pick the best podcasts relevant to your interests. The shows listed above all have high ratings on iTunes. People like them because they are genuine and informative. If you’ve got more time to spare, you can experiment with less popular podcasts.

But if you’re like me, a digital nomad, that values every second of his free time, stick to the big players.

  1. Use your podcast player’s speed controls (on your mobile device) listen to podcasts at a faster speed.
  1. If there’s anything in the recording that piques your interest, check for transcriptions on the podcaster’s website. It’s also a good idea to reach out and connect with creators. Digital nomads benefit from connecting with other freelancers, business owners, and location independent entrepreneurs.
  1. Store up podcasts for the flight, bus ride, or train journey. Perfect for when you don’t feel like reading.
  1. Try Stitcher or Overcast for a different listening experience. Many people prefer to use these apps rather than iTunes.