Being a digital nomad is a unique way of working remotely. It combines two ideals that tend to blur the lines of work and pleasure. As a digital nomad, you are balancing between building your career or business while traveling constantly. This is definitely easier said than done. You will quickly find that your laptop and mobile device are the most critical factors in your success. In my experience, there are a few essential accessories that every digital nomad must have to best leverage these pieces of technology while traveling the world.

Mobile Computer Charger

Working remotely means that most of the work you do will be done from a laptop. To be a successful digital nomad, you will always need to keep your laptop on you, whether you’re traveling to a different country, or just down the street to your local coffee shop. One of the things that you will notice is that it’s not always easy to find reliable charging ports wherever you make your remote office for the day. The best solution to this problem is having a mobile charger for your laptop. Depending on your laptop, you may even be able to get a backup battery. Having both your laptop charged as well as a spare power source gives you twice the amount of time that you can be completing those last minute assignments.

Mobile Phone Power Bank

In addition to your laptop, your mobile phone is also a critical piece of maintaining the digital nomad lifestyle. Not only will it be used for communication but also while exploring your current destination. With all the uses we have for our phones these days, your battery power will surely drain fast. This is where a phone power bank comes in handy. These power banks can store enough energy to keep your phone fully charged throughout the entire day. Being a digital nomad is an on-the-go lifestyle. You never know the next time you’ll be able to sit down for a few minutes to make sure you have enough charge to make it to your next destination. The last thing you need to happen is for your phone to die while looking up direction back to your apartment…

Mobile Hotspot

Once these two primary devices are taken care of, you’ll need to make them useful. All digital nomads know the importance of WIFI. You’ll need constant internet access in order to maintain contact with clients, submit completed projects, or just to book your next trip. Most developed countries have plenty of locations for WIFI, both in public or where you chose to stay. Other places, however, may lack WIFI or have too slow of a connection to be effective. Either way, your work can’t stop because of it. It’s a good idea to invest in a mobile hotspot to make sure you’ll always be able to connect in any situation. Most phones have hotspot capabilities or you can find international hotspot plans that give great connections from anywhere in the world.

External Hard Drive/Cloud Storage

Digital nomads can be found in almost any industry, including development, administrative, or media being some of the most popular. It’s a good habit to make of backing up all of your files and data. While your laptop is important, the files and documents that you create on it are just as valuable. You never know what could happen while traveling. You’ll at least want to have a backup of that big project you’ve been working on for a month saved somewhere other than just on your desktop.

External hard drives have been increasing in storage capacity and decreasing in price. These are a good for storing large files that will also free up space on your laptop to run more efficiently. Cloud services are also a convenient way of backing up your files. It also gives you one less piece of equipment that you need to keep track of. An added benefit to using a cloud service for storage is that you’ll be able to access your information from any computer or mobile device.

Technology is your best friend as a digital nomad. As technology continues to advance, the digital nomad lifestyle gets a lot easier when it comes to being able to build a career while traveling. As you continue to grow as a digital nomad, you’ll discover new products and accessories that enhance your work-life. Some may even be specific to the type of work you’re involved with. Nomadic photographers and videographers carry completely different equipment than what’s necessary for a nomadic virtual assistant. Every digital nomad is different but these accessories are a great way to begin your nomadic journey.