Recently, I’ve come across a number of articles written by former remote workers, and have met others that have expressed their displeasure with remote work life. Remote work is not for everyone, and one of the main things people say they don’t like about it is feeling disconnected from others or not being able to socialize every day.  Here are some ways you feed the human need for togetherness.

1 – Picture Swaps


Take pics or video of your day-to-day surroundings, or something interesting you saw in your neighborhood or during your travels. Send them to your co-workers on a regular basis and ask them to share some with you! This is especially fun to do if you live in different areas of the world. If you’re asked how the weather is in your neck of the woods, instead of talking about it go over to the window with your smartphone and show them!

2 – Video Meetings

remote worker video chat

Working remotely allows you to look however you want all day long, which is wonderful. But if you don’t mind sprucing up your appearance just a tad hop on camera for a few of your calls, and you’ll definitely start feeling a lot closer to your co-workers. Check out some of the apps we’ve discussed on our site that can help you get up close and personal.

3 – Remote Fitness Challenges

remote workout

With no water cooler to gather around, remote workers often find themselves glued to their desks for hours on end. Make staying fit and active a team effort by incorporating them into daily group routines. Ask your co-workers and look around for group challenges you’ll all enjoy, and get moving! One idea to take team building a step further would be to walk and talk with your workers on a group call so it’s almost the same as taking a walk on a corporate campus with them. Free up your arms and protect your phone and by placing it in a fitness armband, then chat with an earbud headset or BlueTooth.

4 – Training

remote career training

Grow professionally together. Pick an area of the business or skill that everyone agrees they’d like to improve in and sign up for an interactive group training conducted by webinar. Conversations stimulated by the sessions and initiatives to implement newly learned skills bring invaluable camaraderie and collective knowledge to your remote team.

5 – Friendly Competition

remote work contest and prizes

Make fun out of your daily goals by making it a contest. Don’t forget to occasionally throw in a prize that can be delivered electronically, like gift cards to your team members’ favorite restaurant chains or donut shops.

6 – Work Remotely With Someone Else

work remotely at the pool and with a friend

If you have a friend or family member living nearby that also works remotely, invite them to bring their laptop over and spend a day with you. You can also meet at the neighborhood pool in the morning when not many people are around, or in your neighborhood clubhouse where there’s often a business center for residents to enjoy.


7 – Join A Local Group

If you need to meet some new people and crave a little more structure in your routine, sign up for classes or meet-ups like Toastmasters, sessions with a personal trainer, chess club, Zumba, and endless other options.

remote workers need face to face time

What are some things remote workers can do to combat loneliness? Tell us your ideas in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more on remote work culture!