Mexico City is the largest and most populous city in Mexico. You won’t find any beaches here but this exciting city is a modern metropolis set in the midst of the Mexican culture. You can find everything here, famous landmarks, great food, entertainment, universities, and much more. It’s also one of the coolest places in Latin America for working remotely. Mexico City has a lot of benefits for people who can take advantage of location independence.

Cost of Living in Mexico City

Mexico City is much different than other parts of the country based on how advanced and developed the city really is. Many people seek great places to live around the world based on cost of living. Mexico City is a place where you’ll get a lot of value without breaking the bank. The Mexican peso, for example, ranges between 18-20 pesos for $1 USD. Get used to seeing higher prices but spending much less.

There are plenty of great neighborhoods where you’ll find great apartments to maintain your standard of living even in Mexico. If you’re looking for a young, urban area with moderate living, you can find apartments around the areas of Coyoacán and Condesa averaging between $400-$600 USD per month for a studio or 1-Bedroom. A higher standard of living in Mexico City is still cheaper than many other places for the value. Polanco is considered the upscale, affluent part of the city with apartments averaging between $700-1000 USD per month.

You can easily enjoy the food selection in Mexico City. You’ll see the range of delicious street food to fancy dining restaurants. If you’re grabbing a quick bite while taking a break from work, I’d always choose street food. You can get a plate of five tacos for 20-30 pesos or $$1-1.50 USD which is more than filling. I frequently ate in the shopping malls while working there which had even popular international fast food chains such as McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, and many local chains with meals ranging from $4-7 USD.

Where to Work in Mexico City?

Being location independent means that you’ll rely on Wi-Fi wherever you are. Mexico City has an abundance of places where you can find free Wi-Fi. I’ve spent a total of about two months living in Mexico City at the start of my career. As I still had much to learn, I wasn’t really aware of co-working spaces or other private places to work from. I still was able to be productive in any one of the numerous shopping malls. Many of the largest malls such as Antara and Reforma 222. Find a nice table in the food court near a power outlet and you can work for as long as you need.

Mexico City has a wide variety of co-working spaces. While I haven’t had personal experience with them, many people rave about their resourcefulness. You’ll find tons of options around the areas of Condesa, Roma, and Juarez.

Being Involved with the Expat Community

The popularity of Mexico City has started to get around the world. You’ll definitely need to know a little Spanish to get around day to day but I was surprised at the number of expats who live in Mexico City. You can find expats in virtually any part of Mexico City. Especially around the tourist areas, neighborhoods with co-working, and even universities.

Being able to connect with other expats in a city is great for networking. Within my first week of being in Mexico City, I had already connected with people who also were working from Mexico City. We were able to share ideas about the type of work we did. It was also a way to get a jumpstart on getting to know the city. You’d be able to talk about places to work, cool places to go in the city, and I even got invited to events with a lot of other expats. Mexico City is such a large city but everyone was always so welcoming and quick to tell you about how amazing living in Mexico City is.

Before living in Mexico City for a couple months, the only things I heard about Mexico were beach and vacation-related. Mexico City is actually a great place to spend time, whether working long term for a couple months, or just to spend a weekend. Having the flexibility to be location independent means that you can take advantage of amazing cities like this. And since the cost of living is attractive for most people, this is a destination you can be at the start of your remote career.