You’ve spent the past few weeks, maybe even months thinking about what to buy for everyone else. But how’s your cell phone been treating you?

If you’re like most remote workers a good portion of your time may be spent working on your cell phone. We actually covered this topic a few months ago in an article about the most basic of things you need to work remotely. An up-to-date cell phone is definitely on that list.

If your phone itself or your service is slow, unreliable, doesn’t have enough features or is just plain outdated, this is a good time to take advantage of year-end deals and give yourself the gift of better productivity.

Here are some deals you may be able to take advantage of right now.

Spectrum’s Cell Phone Service

If you’ve been a Spectrum (formerly Brighthouse Networks) customer for 30 days or more, you may not even be aware that they offer a cell phone service. I definitely was not aware until I had to speak with someone in customer service that told me about it. They wowed me with what they had to offer. I thought I had one of the cheapest services available but they were able to offer me a brand new, better phone that I’d pay for over 24 months and still have a lower monthly payment.

Even better, they actually use Verizon towers. Verizon has always been on the pricier side, but they have phenomenal coverage*. In short, I was made three different offers:

  1. iPhone X – $300.00 off until the end of January. Monthly payments of $30 per month for the phone, service at $60, totaling $90 per month.
  2. Samsung Note 9 – $30 per month for the phone, service at $60, totaling $90 per month.
  3. LG Stylo 4 – $30 ALL IN – Yes, that’s the service – unlimited calls and data- and the phone itself.

The offer also allows you to try the service and phone risk-free for 30 days. Also, there is no contract; but you will be committed to paying your phone off.


Also offering deals on the latest iPhone and Samsung Note, Verizon is also featuring the Google Pixel 3XL at the same price point –about $999– with a payment plan of $30 per month and monthly unlimited plans starting at $40, plus taxes and fees.

If you don’t want to disappoint yourself on Christmas morning you can order by 12/24 and get it on the same day with free in-store pickup.

The Google Pixel 3XL has a 4.5-star rating like it’s aforementioned competitors, which is great but I think it really comes in as the runner-up of the three.

As far as the Pixel goes here are various complaints about the video and audio quality, and I’m not sure I’d go for it over the iPhone or the note unless it was substantially discounted. But hey, it’s another option.

Finally, with Verizon you are on contract and that’s something to consider before signing up.


I wish I could cover all of the going end of year deals for you last minute, but if I take too long writing this article you might miss out.

Right now, TMobile is now offering a $10 per month payment on a Samsung Galaxy A6. You’ll pay $30 for their unlimited plan plus taxed and fees, and can apply this deal to up to 4 lines.

The catch is that you have to activate an additional line, will be committed (to the phone at least) for 24 months, and will need to have pretty decent credit to qualify, meaning a score likely in the mid 600s or higher.

Hopefully, this quick post gave you some ideas that will get you working with your cell phone even better by the end of this year and into the new year.

Enjoy your holiday!

*Your coverage won’t necessarily be as good as Verizons‘ but being on their network, also a higher level of customer service will likely be an improvement from similarly priced value services, e.g. MetroPCS