As YamteQ continues to grow as a resource to the remote work community, we’re getting more involved with others who share the same interests – other people who care to spread knowledge that will enhance you professionally and financially.

financial needs for freelancers remote contractors and small businesses

As part of this effort, we recently collaborated with The Ray Journey (TRJ). TRJ is all about helping individuals transform their lives through investing, self-employment, and in general personal development. Our guest post was written to help freelancers, remote independent workers, and small enterprise owners to become more “legit” by setting up their finances the right way.

Especially as we approach a new tax season, if you are responsible for your own tax planning, accounting or financial planning, the tips in this post might really help you out.

Visit The Ray Journey’s blog to check it out – and have a look at the other helpful articles and information on the site while you’re there!