Whether you celebrate the Holidays or not, you’ll miss out if you don’t save a little bit of energy (and money) for post-holiday shopping.

There are so many things that are best purchased right after the holidays such as furniture, electronics, accessories – actually, almost everything goes on sale right after Christmas.

We made sure to check out the deals and keep track of the best finds that could help you build up your at home business.

If you’re going to snatch up any of these deals, try to do so before or the holidays officially end the first week of January. Unless you’re buying furniture – in that case you might have a bit of extra time until the beginning of the month.

Home Office Security

after Christmas deals for remote workers

2 rooms in our home are dedicated to office space. Not that we don’t trust our littlest office mates, but we like to ensure none of our equipment is tampered with out of sheer curiosity or innocence. It also doesn’t hurt to protect your investment against possible intruders.

If you don’t want any long-term contracts or expensive installations, but you do want security, you can invest in a service like Arlo, Nest or Ring. They let you watch your home office activity on your smartphone or other portable devices no matter where you go.

They’re also nice if you’re a renter and need to move, or if you’d like to change up the camera or overall system configuration – it’s effortless. This is because the equipment is not hard-wired in. It sits in place using a system of super strong magnets, so you can remove and reinstall it wherever and whenever you’d like. The main base does need to be plugged into a wall outlet.

We have a number of security systems in place and Arlo is one of them. We’re pretty happy with it but if I could call out a few negatives they are:

  • Occasional lag when viewing videos or talking to someone through the camera at the front door due to the Wi-Fi. (Not really the system’s fault)
  • Having to recharge the batteries. They last a long time but it’s still an extra “to-do.”
  • The cameras could pick up more detail. Sometimes they’ll miss out on things like text printed on a vehicle or clothing, and that’s not good if you want to identify someone or something from a recording.
  • Having all of your videos and data on a cloud. Don’t put your cameras anywhere where you really need privacy.

Right now at Best Buy, an Arlo kit with 4 wireless cameras is discounted $170.00 and can be picked up for $429.99. That’s pretty sweet.

If you pick up a wireless security system like this one or any other, be sure that you have hacker-proofed your wireless connection. Otherwise, you could have some weirdo logging into your camera and watching you when you least expect it.


For a home office where your husband/wife or kids can barge in at any moment, a noise-canceling headset is essential.

I tend to need a new one every 3-9 months depending on how cheap I go. Sure, could fill out the warranty claims for the same issues that seem to occur over and over again, but to me, that’s more time-consuming that it’s worth.

The main issue I focus on with headsets is whether or not the noise-canceling mic really works. On cheaper headsets, this feature tends to be unreliable and sometimes the person on the other end can hear background noise in the room, other times, they can’t.

The second issue that appears over and over again is the wire splitting and getting torn up. No matter how much I spend on a headset, I use them so heavily I seem to not be able to avoid this.

The perfect solution I see deeply discounted right now is the Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Deluxe Bluetooth headset.

after holiday tech deals for remote workers

It’s hands-free with a noise canceling mic and is PC compatible with a USB connection. There are complaints about the device including not working after 6 or 7 months or not working as well after 1 year. Again, I’ve experienced many headset brands and in my opinion, this is just how long all headsets last.

On Walmart.com, it says that the original list price for his item is $269.99, and you can purchase one online for 50% off at only $134.95.

I Googled this headset out of curiosity and found it on Amazon for $118.00 brand new. On Amazon, it’s rated 3.9 starts with 78% of the ratings being 4 or 5 stars.

If I couldn’t live without wireless, I’d buy that Plantronic bluetooth headset, but my frugal nature has me considering a Sennheiser SC30 wired headset instead.

after holiday tech deals for remote work

I know from experience that Sennheiser delivers superior quality sound and the noise canceling technology will not fade away or stop working. Yes, the wires will split after 5 months but for $33.50, I’m OK with that. Especially since the last Sennheiser headset I bought looked a bit nicer but it had the same controls and features, cost about $150.00, yet its wire look like they were run over by a train.


This is a great time to buy a printer for your home office. As a remote worker, you may not need to print very often, but having a printer will definitely be a relief now and again, especially if it’s good quality and doesn’t cost too much.

Office Depot has a great deal going – but most likely you’ll need to take advantage in the next day or so. If you subscribe to their e-mailing list for the first time, you’ll receive 20% off of a qualifying item. You’ll also receive free next-day shipping on orders over $35.00.

In total they have 141 printers discounted anywhere from $29-$100+; way too many good deals to list here.

Best Buy is offering from $40-$100 off on all Epson printers, and free shipping on all ink and toner.


Many remote workers are concerned about being stuck in the same position all day, and Staples has some interesting deals on standing and ergonomic or adjustable sit-to-stand desks and extensions.

after holiday home office deals for remote workers

This Rodelco Adjustable Desk Riser sits on your existing desk, elevating your workspace by 16 inches and “converting” it to a standing workstation. It can fit a laptop and two monitors on its surface, and be easily removed when you decide to switch back to sitting position. It costs $261.79 not including tax but free shipping is offered with it.

If that’s a little too pricey, you can add an inexpensive standing desk to your home office setup. The one I linked here by Allston costs $159.99 not including taxes, and you have the option to pick it up from your local store within an hour if it’s in stock. If you need it shipped to you, the shipping is still free.

Whether you’re in the middle of a major year-end overhaul or just adding in some needed touches to your home office, we hope this article helps.

We’d love to see your finished product, and invite you to send in pics to join our contest for a $75.00 gift card for having the best home office design!

P.S. If you’ve found any great deals we haven’t covered, please share in the comments so other remote workers can enjoy them. Have a great New Year!