Hey everyone, I’m really excited to announce that YamteQ has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

First, I must thank the individual that nominated YamteQ, Aditya Gandhi from Seeking My Utopia who produces highly intelligent content and is, indeed, a class act. Receiving a nomination from you on our tiny contribution to the internet means more to me than you can imagine.

Next, I’m nominating as many other versatile bloggers as I can while trying not to renominate anyone that’s received the award too recently.

Now, don’t be surprised at the range of topics included in these nominations. Yes, YamteQ is about the love of remote work but I do have an affinity toward other things besides working – like fashion, frugality, and philosophy, too!

With that said, here are my picks:

I also want to mention the other bloggers that have truly helped to make this site versatile: Bryan Shelmon of AnthemCulture.com, Keith Lang of LocationYou.com, Phil Siarri of Nuadox.com, and Ahmed Diab of SpeakEgyptian.com and YamteQ! Thank you for your wonderful blogs and please visit this site to find out how you can participate in this award.

Lastly, I’m supposed to share 7 things about me, and this seems to be a fitting opportunity since the About Us page on YamteQ isn’t very personalized as of the date of this post. (Idea!💡…Guess we’ll need to fix that…)

Without further ado, here are some current facts about me:

  1. Practicality lives at my core. At least, I like to think so, and no, I’m not perfect at being practical. Bottom line, if things aren’t simple and sensible I’ll shy away from them like a nocturnal owl from the sunlight. In general, what practicality means to me is knowing when to put in extra effort, when taking a bit of extra risk is worth it, or when it’s best to take little to no action at all.
  2. I love painting. It’s therapeutic and practical (see above fact), because once I’m done I’ve exercised my mind have something physical to show for my time.
  3. I fit many millennial stereotypes, and I’m proud of that. Granted, there are a few paradoxes within the typical millennial profile and I’m happy to leave which ones match me, sometimes or never, up to your imagination.
  4. As a follow up to that last fact, I absolutely loathe texting. I was born too early in the 80s to be comfortable with speed-texting whole conversations like my teenager does. I’d much rather talk on the phone if there’s a lot to share.
  5. I’m an open-minded conservative. I believe maintaining core values is best for individuals and society but I think restrictive governance is not the best option either, as long as allowing people to embrace their free will doesn’t lead to a surge in death, sickness, or crime.
  6. To lighten things back up, pizza and cookies are my favorite foods. I know, I know. They really shouldn’t be. And they are not part of a practical diet.
  7. Boredom is something I haven’t experienced in a long time. I’m grateful for that.

To wrap up, it was really fun being nominated for this award and writing this post. We look forward to many bright days ahead and being a part of such a wonderful blogging community!