In this post, I’d like to share some of what’s been going on with YamteQ — and with me.

For one, I’d like to start with a reminder that YamteQ exists for the purpose of empowering people who want to work from home or work remotely, improve their careers, livelihoods, and need some inspiration.

I, and the others involved in this site have actively maintained it for over 2 years now. We have made some great professional connections through it which have enabled us to more than cover the costs to run it while keeping it ad-free and I’m so thankful for that.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ads. I would love to bring advertising partners onboard to our site one day but that is probably pretty far off into the future. They would also need to be partners that we felt could really be of interest to and help our audience, and I would prefer it if they complimented the site instead of being the main focal point.

Many bloggers will tell you that their sites have been a source of contract work and referrals, and that is exactly what I’m getting at. YamteQ is not a site that is focused on passive income (you may notice that passive income is rarely if ever mentioned in our career articles) and our content leans a lot more toward taking action and skill.

The point is, we are at a pivotal time, and want to make sure our audience is not in the dark.

New Developments

My hope is that through this post, you’ll understand more about us and the aspects where you can benefit from us the most. I also hope that if you’re reading and have ideas to share regarding your own endeavors, you’ll feel encouraged to comment or contact us about them.

During the month of July, I only managed to post one article due to other projects I have been working on. That’s kind of a big no-no for a running a blog-site but I swear, I can explain.

Some of the projects should have been handled a long time ago, some have been a long time in the making, and for various reasons, we decided We need to handle these now.

All of these projects took a lot of work and energy, mostly nightcaps and weekends because we have other obligations during the daytime, and by the end of the month, I was exhausted. Seriously exhausted.

But once I could regroup I got excited again–progress was actually happening. So now, without prolonging the main subject any longer, here is an overview of what we did during July and our overall progress.

A New Website For A Not-So-New Company

We started serving multiple companies as freelancers and eventually realized that we needed to get organized. This meant streamlining pay methods, policies, and priorities. Part of this process included registering ourselves as a business with the State of Florida under the name SAS-Marketing LLC.

That registration was filed in 2017 but we have not intended to grow SAS-Marketing LLC beyond a certain point and we have been happy with serving a few core clients through it. It also serves as a parent-company and our public-facing businesses (like YamteQ) are registered under it.

Because of this, the company didn’t have even a website. We have no swag or business cards, and our promotion for it is almost nil, but I simply could not bring myself to tell anyone else that asks (and it comes up often, I promise) that I am part of a marketing business with no website.

So finally, 2 years after its birth, our legal entity and remote business has a website it can call home, and the website was one of the projects that we finally completed during the month of July. You can check it out here:

“Do What You Love & You’ll Never Work a Day In Your Life”

Harvey Mackay has been credited with a quote similar to this one so has Mark Twain, and while they were both smarter than me, I’m sure, I’m not sure it’s totally true statement.

Ahmed, my husband, and I both love language. We both have a bilingual or conversational skill level in 3+ languages and to us, languages are both our keys to the world and a hobby.

After he graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Ahmed applied his skills in business and accounting at a Middle Eastern translation firm, and when I moved to Egypt to live with him in 2015, he encouraged me to explore opportunities in a translation career.

There is a lot more to the story, but the bottom line is that we both enjoy serving multilingual communities. Having more than 5 years of experience in different facets of the translation industry, and having received request upon request for Arabic translation services, starting this business was a no-brainer.

Given Ahmed’s roots in the Middle East and my connections there also, and knowing that the US Arabic-speaking community is underserved when it comes to quality, cost-effective products and services, our translation company, SAS Translations focuses specifically on Arabic and English translations.

If you’d like to see the website which also includes a blog, please check it out at

We are an insured agency and corporate member of ATA, the American Translators Association.

More To Come

To us, our business, our family, and our friends/connections (remote or not) are so intertwined that they are in many ways one and the same.

More positive things will be happening. For example, we are now working on obtaining our Minority-Owned Business Certification and we’re looking for the best ways to serve our community through professional associations no matter what language they speak or what background they come from.

We are excited about how much we’ve grown since we married in 2015 and continue to do so. And yes, we have been working with vigor to say the least, and we are very thankful.