Just when I think I’m very knowledgeable in almost anything, my eyes are opened to some new information that makes me realize I still have a lot to learn.

This may sound cliche, but I had a surprising experience this week when I was speaking with someone who I recommended hiring a resume writer to. As I told them to hunt online for a reputable resume writing service, I also told them the same thing that I tell just about everyone I make this same recommendation to — they should expect to spend about $100-$150.

I was quite surprised when the person I was speaking to, after shopping around, came back to me with news that they’d been quoted over $700 to have their resume done. It wasn’t just the price that surprised me either, it was the depth of process and engagement that would be involved with working with certain resume writers that caught my attention.

This is where the lesson started – and what was the lesson? Not all professional resumes writers are created equal.


This is obvious. The quality of any service will vary depending on the details. So when it comes to resume writing, what exactly does quality mean?

Qualifications – There are different kinds of resume writers out there. There are freelance resume writers that may be very experienced or just starting out, there are document preparation services that can help to edit and format your resume, and there are certified resume writers.

You can expect a different level of quality from each of these service providers which will differ from overall qualifications down to the individual that is preparing your resume for you.

Language – Is the resume writer a native or an expert in the language your resume or CV is being written in? As with any other piece of writing, natural-sounding and culturally appropriate use of the language on a resume are both elements you’ll want to have in place to effectively reach its readers.


Industry – Is your resume writer familiar with your industry or line of work? Depending on your field, certain kinds of terminology may need to be included on your resume to catch the interest of a recruiter or hiring manager. Your resume writer should be aware of this.

Career Goals – Your resume writer will need to understand why you need a resume in the first place in order to create one for you that is going to be effective. What is your resume writer’s process for establishing this understanding and an execution plan?


The truth is, I wasn’t totally wrong about the price. It’s very common to spend somewhere in the range of $100-$200. You can actually get a resume written for less than that price if you needed to — but of course, it will be quite different than the resume that you might have written if you spend $1000+ on the service.

I’m not here to tell you to spend more or spend less on resume services, however. At the end of the day, what you decided to spend boils down to your career level, how much help you need to properly compose your resume, and your budget.

Final Thoughts

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Whoever you decide to hire to get the job done, do your research by reading up on info provided by resume writing industry experts, ask for work samples, and make sure they’re equipped to help obtain the career results you hope for!