Everybody has their own story about how they ended up in a particular career path. Some people may have successfully climbed the corporate ladder. Others may have accidentally stumbled into a career. And other cases, such as being a digital nomad, have happened naturally and over time. Between my personal journey and other digital nomads that I’ve met, there seems to be a lot of common characteristics of everyone’s story of why we chose this route.

Flexibility to Travel

Digital nomads are known for traveling. That’s what makes us nomadic in the first place. Everybody loves traveling. Sitting in a 9-to-5 office job, most people daydream about their next vacation. After becoming a remote worker and essentially location independent, beginning to travel was the next logical step.

A love for travel is always a big reason why digital nomads choose this path. Instead of looking forward to your next vacation, you can just choose where you want to work and at any time. Having the flexibility to travel is one of the greatest perks about being a digital nomad. Many stories from digital nomads will tell you that they began traveling first. The experience of traveling usually extends trips from 1 month to 3 months to a few years. There are plenty of ways to begin earning an income online by working remotely. You can also choose to build your income first by working from home before adding in the travel element to your lifestyle.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Technology has made the world a lot more connected. We now have access to more information than ever, coming from any part of the world. New opportunities in various cities or countries have always existed but we are just now starting to get exposed to them. Finding opportunities for building your career is now easier than ever. Remote working is becoming more popular. Companies in every industry are beginning to hire remote workers for any type of job you can imagine. Before, these opportunities were only available to people located locally to the position but now you can work from anywhere in the world.

Opportunities go further for a digital nomad. One of the biggest reasons that I became a digital nomad is to take advantage of not only remote working opportunities, but also opportunities of all sorts. Establishing working relationships online is effective but there is still an extra connection made when meeting people in person. Having the flexibility to travel to meet clients and work on projects in different locations has not only increased my skillset, but has grown my career exponentially.

Choosing Your Cost of Living

Someone once said that if you figure out how to earn a western society salary while working remotely, then you can have any kind of lifestyle that you want, anywhere in the world. This paraphrased quote has stuck with me throughout my digital nomad career.

The first thing that you notice when traveling to a new destination is the differences in cost of living. You’ll surely find a huge different in prices between living in New York City and anywhere in Southeast Asia. If you’re earning a New York salary in SE Asia, for example, you really can do almost everything.

Working remotely can range from small freelance gigs to contract jobs to full-time employment. One of the cool things about being a digital nomad is having the freedom to choose where you live. Many people choose their locations to work based on the level of their income. Having such a range of cost of living around the world, you can easily find a destination to begin your digital nomad career.

Being a digital nomad has plenty of perks. We get to experience a lifestyle that most would call full-time vacation. You’ll meet lots of people all the time while traveling with a different story of how and why they became a digital nomad. There is not one path to becoming a digital nomad. The freedom that you have in the nomadic lifestyle means that you can really tailor your experience to what you want.