With the growing trend of digital nomad career paths, communities of digital nomads are starting to develop around the world. While your career is being built remotely, there are many advantages to visiting or even living in one of the many digital nomad hubs. The most popular hubs you will discover are Chiang Mai, Thailand; Medellin, Colombia; Lisbon, Portugal, amongst others. Each of these destinations have common characteristics that make them attractive for the digital nomad lifestyle.

Technological Environment

Technology is a digital nomad’s best friend. It’s necessary in order to earn a living while continuously traveling abroad. Laptop, phone, chargers, etc. are the main tools for digital nomads. And not just your own technology is important, but having access to Wi-Fi or phone service is important as well to stay connected. One of the biggest questions before arriving in a new destination is whether or not all of this technology will function well enough for you to continue to accomplish work-related tasks online.

The most popular digital nomad hubs gained their prominence because they have amazing technological environments. The top destinations have countless places for connecting to Wi-Fi, whether public or private. If you are choosing to work in a digital nomad hub, you can rest assured that you won’t have troubles with finding Wi-Fi or even places to buy new technologies if needed.

Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are a trend that has been growing just as much as the digital nomad industry. Co-Working spaces are not just for digital nomads, but for anyone working remotely. These venues are dedicated office space with all the amenities of a typical office that allow you be productive while working remotely. Digital nomads have the flexibility of taking advantage of co-working spaces found all around the world.


Co-working spaces can be rented out just for a day or for longer term if you’re planning on hanging around a destination for a while. Some co-working spaces have multiple locations around the world and provide plans that allow you to work at any of their locations. You will be able to find an abundance of co-working spaces when you work in a hub for digital nomads. In addition to dedicated work space, you will also be surrounded by other digital nomads and can easily become a part of the local nomad community.


A frequently overlooked aspect of the digital nomad lifestyle is living in solitude or with just a few companions if traveling in a group. Building relationships is essential for life in general but since your work is online, you’ll be spending most of your time in front of a computer instead of interacting with people in real-life, such as being in an office environment. Even for introverts, spending months in solitude will have you craving for some sort of social interaction.

Working in a digital nomad hub will give you plenty of opportunities to interact with people facing the same situations as you are. Digital nomads have a unique life experience. It’s always great to find people that can relate to your experiences. Digital nomad hubs attract lots of other digital nomads so there are plenty of chance to network. Networking can include social interactions or developing business relationships for future opportunities.


Diversity is also related to networking in digital nomad hubs. Working in a digital nomad hub will expose you to a wide range of people from all around the world. It’s always great traveling abroad to experience the local environment and interacting with local people to better understand the destination. Digital nomad hubs provide this local experience as well as experiences of much more diversity. Since digital nomads come from all around the world, you can easily come across new faces when you work in the top destinations.

The diversity is a way to combat feeling home sick while abroad. It’s always great to meet people from your own country that are also living the same way you are. It’s a way to learn from their experiences as it will be very relatable. Also, diversity in digital nomad hubs means that you can meet and learn from people all around the world in just one location.

Cost of Living

The digital nomad lifestyle has actually existed for a while but has been growing in popularity thanks to blogs, videos, and technology advances that continue to make it a more widespread industry. With the growing trend, there are lots of stages of digital nomads, from seasoned travelers to beginners looking to test the waters for a few months to see if it fits their ideal lifestyle. Digital nomad hubs accommodate all stages of digital nomads.

Starting out as a digital nomad, it can be challenging to find your ideal ways to earn a living online. The cost of living for a destination play a huge role in where beginning digital nomads will start their journey. Many of the digital nomad hubs grew in popularity because of their low cost of living. This means that even when starting your digital nomad career, even if you aren’t earning much money, you can still maintain a comfortable lifestyle while you figure things out.


Working in a digital nomad hub is definitely an experience that all digital nomads should add to their bucket lists. In addition to the great working conditions of top digital nomad destinations, they are also overall great cities to live in. You’ll be able to get a nice mix of culture, entertainment, and build a lifestyle that you’ll truly love.