In a previous article, Rachel wrote about my top 3 remote team Apps for team collaboration. In this article, we are going to talk about a different tool, Asana, which is in the opinion of others “the best tool” that would help you to manage your remote team, track your tasks, projects and collaborate with your team.


What Is ASANA?


Asana is a platform that provides you with a shared space as you can add your team(s) and create projects and tasks. It’s a workplace where you and your team(s) can work on your projects and track them from the beginning to the end.


So What Makes ASANA Better Than Any Other Workplace?


3 reasons that ASANA is a better app:   



1- Simple And Well Organized


Very easy to use, you can customize the view of your dashboard the way you like. On Asana, you can organize your tasks into a shared “list” or “board”. If you and your teams are very visual, it can be recommended that you organize your work by using the board layout. It’s based on the Kanban technology – a visual way to arrange tasks using columns and cards. You can move your cards within a column or shift them to others fluidly and smoothly.


Asana is well organized, when you select a project, you will find 6 views (List or Board, Conversations, Calendar, Progress, and Files) that help you track everything that related to this project.


List/Board view: Here you can create and organize your tasks. You can assign them to your team members, attach files, set due dates, etc.


Timeline view: A graphical view that shows all of your tasks, their start and end date so you can visualize each part of your project’s plan. You can assign a team member to run any task; also you adjust the plan as the project progresses in case you any tasks are completed earlier than their due date.

Conversations view: You can see all the conversations between the team members that are related to the selected project.


Calendar view: This feature is very useful; you can track all the tasks due in the calendar view. You can also check your teammates’ availability when assigning them new tasks.


Progress view:  This view shows you a graphical presentation of the project progress. Based on it, you can gauge the project’s progress and assign the status accordingly.


Files view: In this view, you can access all of the files that have been attached to the project.


2- Integrations


Integration is one of the most powerful features that Asana has! You can integrate the most important apps and tools you use on a daily basis, and sync Asana so your team members can collaborate by using their favorite tool or App. That includes creating, storing and sharing files by using Google and One Drive products. Without a doubt, this will increase the flexibility of the workflow, as most of us are comfortable using different Apps. With each member having the freedom of app choice of when file sharing, productivity should only increase, speeding your projects up.


Here are some of the most important Apps you can integrate with Asana:






-Google Sheets

-Google Drive

-One Drive





3- It’s Free! 


The basic version of Asana is free up to 15 team members, including unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations. It’s a great option for new startup remote teams who want to save money while getting their business off the ground.


Have you ever used Asana? What do you think of it? Or do you use a similar or better app that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments!