One thing that I love about the writing world is that writers, especially bloggers, often wear their hearts on their sleeves and tend to be very transparent. I really appreciate the posts I read about other blogs’ financial progress, growth, and methodologies. It’s been very helpful in understanding what’s normal when it comes to owning a website, furthering growth, and planning for the future.

Last year, I loosened up from our “all business” regimen and finally posted a few articles about our daily lives, family, where we’ve come from and where we believe we’re headed.

Yes, I want you to know more about us and want to be connected with you. (By the way, forgive me if I bounce back and forth by saying “I” sometimes and at other times “us”. I am writing this article alone at the moment but there are two of us that run this site. Explanation here. I hope that makes sense.)

But the truth is introversion and goal-setting preferences are at play. I do love to make a difference, but I like to do my thing quietly behind the scenes.

Getting to the resolutions, already.

That whole intro was a prelude to the following thought: Some goals are better kept a secret.

Sometimes, I don’t want to waste too much energy talking about what I’m going to do next. If you think about it, it one of the ways people stop themselves from getting things done.

‘What about accountability?’ some might ask.

Well, everyone’s different. I don’t feel like I have to prove anything to anyone. And I say that without intending to cause any offense. If someone congratulates me or tells me I didn’t do a good job I do consider what they’ve said. But the truth is, I like to hold myself accountable. At the end of the day, I’m the one stuck with me for the rest of my life.

Plus, there is nothing worse than telling a family member or a friend about a goal I want to achieve and then having to listen to them come up with a bunch of reasons why I shouldn’t do it. It is so annoying and while it may not stop me, it sucks up a bunch of energy I could have otherwise conserved.

One goal I’m willing to share with you is that this year, you will see change on this site. It’s three years old things have changed since we first started it. So, it’s time!

For one, it needs a facelift and two, it needs to be changed to remain useful to anyone that visits. There are only so many articles one can write about what laptop you should have if you’re working from home.

Plus, as life changes, naturally, what we post about will also change in some capacity.

I wrote an update on our business progress a few months ago and we have some exciting things coming up which are related. I’d prefer to share those things when they are put into motion and I promise, you will be hearing about that part of our journey!

Anyhow, to wrap this up here are a few more things that I can share now:

  1. Being overweight can’t be held a secret. It’s only a matter of time and people start to notice. It’s time for a lifestyle shift for our whole family. We need to be thin and vibrant and healthy. Exercise and home cooking are the trends for 2020.
  2. We did a better job at reading books last year but we’re switching from philosophy and history to business books this year.
  3. And now speaking for myself, I need to finish learning Arabic. I have been working on becoming trilingual for the past 7 years. It’s time to graduate past being able to order food, catching a cab, and just being eloquent enough to hold a conversation suitable only for a comedy movie.

How do you feel about sharing plans? Do you prefer to keep them close to your heart or are you the tell the world part? Share something you’re OK with being open about, and have a fabulous 2020!!